How to Play Funky Time

How to Play Funky Time

Evolution Gaming is infamous in the world for creating unique and fair casino cash games with great odds that will keep you coming back again and again. They combine casino games and live experiences for an online casino unlike anything else. Evolution has outdone themselves yet again with a better cash game than anything they have created before. You have probably seen Funky Time on your online casino’s menu. It is a casino game that transports you into a 70s disco experience with an engaging gambling element.

It all centers around the money DigiWheel, which has a fairly basic premise - you need to guess where it will stop. However, there is more to this than meets the eye, as other sections of the wheel will grant you multipliers and bonus rounds, which will get you closer to winning the 25:1 payout. If you love Evolution Gaming casino games, you might see the similarities with Crazy Time, which was also based on the concept of guessing where a live wheel will stop, and also has good odds. However, Funky Time is bigger and bolder; and you will love it even more than Crazy Time and the other games in your online casino.

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Understanding the Funky Time Wheel

When playing Funky Time, you are betting on where the wheel will land after the live host spins it. If you get it right, you win cash. On this wheel, there are 28 “Number One” segments, 24 “Letter” segments, and 12 “Bonus Round” segments. Because of this distribution, the wheel is most likely to land on a “Number One” segment and least likely to land on a “Bonus Round” segment.

An online casino that uses this mechanic to win cash is as old as casinos themselves. However, Funky Time is far more exciting than the roulette games you might experience at other live casinos. This is because random multipliers will be placed amongst the wheel during the spin. These can reach up to 50x your stake, giving you the chance to win big no matter what size stake you are betting. Multipliers put the odds more in your favour.

Betting Information

It should be easy for most players who play on an online casino to get the hang of the experience and win a money prize on Funky Time. When you enter the game, you will get 20 seconds to place your bet before the spin is made. During this time, you can make as many bets as you like, allowing you to win big on multiple segments and choose the stakes you want to play with. This gives the player a lot of choice, so there are some key strategies to consider, which will be explained below.

For inexperienced players 20 seconds may not seem like much time to decide what to wager on. However, Evolution has made an easy, quick bet and automatic betting option available so you can quickly apply your choices to the wheel. Autoplay can be used for up to 100 spins in a row or until your balance runs out. If you use Autoplay, it's best to use the win and loss limits, so you don’t lose more than you are prepeared to.

How Does the Funky Time Casino Game Work?

After you have bet cash, the next stage of the online casino experience is the UK presenter to spin the wheel, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, changing each spin. While the wheel is spinning, the multipliers will be placed across the wheel. Once the wheel stops spinning, you can see the result. If it lands on a number 1 or a letter segment that you have selected, you will instantly get a payout depending on your stake and any multipliers on your segment.

The experience gets even more exciting if it lands on a bonus round. Here, another game will take place, determining how much you win. Betting at least a small amount on the bonus rounds is a great idea. This is because the players who don’t wager on a bonus round still have to watch the bonus game unfold but will not win any money on the outcome.

Funky Time Paytable

The most crucial information for the casino game e is the pay table because this will determine how much money you can walk away with as a player. You will see that the RTP is slightly different depending on which segment you wager on. However, the average RTP Funky Time is 95.99%.

Segment Number of Segments Payout RTP
Number 1 28 1-50:1 95.99%
Letters Play 8 25-1250:1 95.49%
Letters Time 8 25:1250:1 95.49%
Letters Funk 8 25:1250:1 95.49%
Bar Bonus 6 Up to 500,000:1 95.98%
Disco Bonus 3 Up to 500,000:1 95.51%
VIP Disco Bonus 1 Up to 500,000:1 95.38%
Stayin’ Alive Bonus 2 Up to 500,000:1 95.49%

Please note that the higher cash value for the payout assumes you have received the maximum bonus. If your segment has no bonus, it will receive a lower payout. For example, if you win on a “Letters Play” segment without a bonus, you will receive a 25:1 payout.

Bonus Round

Funky Time is so much more three-dimensional than just a spinning wheel to win a prize. In any session, you could be taken into the bonus rounds several times, where you will get a chance to win big money. These four bonus rounds are as follows: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco, and VIP Disco.

Bar Bonus Round

It's a prize every time with the bar bonus round casino game. You will see a robot bartender with three glasses in front of them: blue, yellow, and purple. It is your task to choose a glass. The robot bartender will then pour out the drinks. As the glasses fill, a multiplier from 2x to 20x will be assigned to every glass.

The multiplier in your glass can get even bigger as the slot wheel spins behind the robot bartender. The multiplier that the wheel lands on will be applied to one of the glasses at random. There can be a lot going on during this bonus round, and working out exactly what is happening during it can be confusing. However, your presenter will stay with you during this game and will explain the bonus that will be applied to every glass.

Stayin’ Alive Bonus Round

Named after the iconic disco track, Stayin’ Alive is all about climbing a ladder. You must choose between the Green, Purple, and Orange ladders or wait for the game to automatically choose one.

There are 20 levels to climb in Stayin’ Alive, and the higher you get, the higher your cash bonus. The multipliers are shown in the pay table information below.

Level Multiplier
1 5x
2 10x
3 15x
4 20x
5 25x
6 30x
7 40x
8 50x
9 60x
10 70x
11 100x
12 150x
13 200x
14 250x
15 300x
16 500x
17 600x
18 700x
19 800x
20 1000x

But how do you climb the ladder in this casino game? And how will you get knocked off? Your live presenter will go over to a bingo wheel with 90 coloured balls in it that include: 1-step and 2-step balls for each colour and some black balls. If your colour comes up on a 1 step ball, you will rise one rung up the ladder. Similarly, you raise two rungs for a 2 step ball. However, if a black ball is pulled out, all players lose one of their four lives. The game will continue until four black balls have been drawn, meaning that all player’s progress will grind to a halt, and the multiplier prize will be applied.

VIP and Disco Bonus Round

In the VIP and Disco Bonus Round casino games, you are introduced to Mr Funky, who dances on the floor with multipliers in each square around him. He continues until he falls off the edge of the floor. The presenter decides where Mr Funky goes by spinning a wheel with left, right, up, and down. As Mr Funky moves, he will pick up bonuses for everyone playing. There are also “Floor Multipliers,” which double five multipliers on the dance floor.

VIP Disco and Disco are identical casino games. However, VIP Disco has 63 squares, while Disco has just 37. The larger dance floor means Mr Funky will take longer to fall off and has more chance to collect bonuses for you.

Using Advanced Strategies to Get the Best RTP

You will have a longer and more profitable experience if you consider information and statistics on how you play to get the best RTP. Many players choose to bet on everything, which will be 17 bets in total. However, this means that you only have a 16:1 chance of winning and will rely on a big multiplier prize to break even. Ultimately, it's likely that you will eventually lose your bankroll.

There are currently two key strategies to consider. Firstly, you can bet on instant win segments. This way of playing will give you an RTP of over 95%. This means you will make a slow loss over time. With this strategy, you need the self-control to walk away once you make a profit.

However, the best strategy is to bet on all bonus rounds and a random distribution of other segments. This is the perfect combination as it means that the multiplier prize you earn on the bonus rounds will be applied healthily to your winnings, and you won’t be betting heavily on segments that don’t come up.

Time to Spin the Wheel at Funky Time

Funky Time is a money game with a simple premise but lots of complex bonus games and multipliers, meaning there is much more than meets the eye. It should quickly become popular. You can watch Funky Time live, learn more information about its gameplay, strategy and odds, and view statistics over the last hours’ play by viewing our Funky Time Strategy pages.

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