How to Play Cash or Crash

 How to Play Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash is a Live casino game by Evolution Gaming where you climb the ladder of success… or crash. You sit in a blimp, where the steward or stewardess invites you for a round of Cash or Crash, in which she will draw Green, red, and one gold ball.

This how-to-play Cash or Crash guide will teach you everything about Cash or Crash. We will also answer frequently asked questions about Cash or Crash.

What is Cash or Crash and How Does it Work?

You need to know a few things when you launch a new game of Cash or Crash. The game involves a giant tombola containing 28 balls, 19 green balls, eight red balls, and one golden ball.

During each round, you determine your bet by placing $0,20, $0,50, $1, $2, $5, $25, $100, $500, or $5,000 chip(s). The betting interface will tell you how much you can win by betting each amount.

Once you’ve determined your bet and the betting phase is over, the host or hostess will activate the tombola. Whenever the host or hostess draws a green ball, the blimp ascends to a higher level, while a red ball crashes the blimp to the ground.

The golden ball keeps the blimp afloat whenever one red ball is drawn and increases your current payout up to 500,000x.

After each drawn ball, it disappears from the game. After the first turn, there are 27 balls in the game instead of 28. This means that the chance of getting a green ball decreases, and the possibility of getting a red ball increases.

After each draw, the game gives you three options: Continue, Take Half, or Take All. With these options, you decide after each ball whether to continue playing with your total bet, cash out 50% and continue playing with the rest, or cash out 100% of your current winnings. With this last option, you quit this round and wait for the next game to start again.

How the Golden Ball in Cash or Crash Works

The golden ball in Cash or Crash counts simultaneously as a green ball and a sort of shield. Cash or Crash takes a different turn when a golden ball appears from the tombola.

The game speeds up because balls keep appearing until a red one emerges. Until then, you cannot make any choices yourself. The moment a red ball appears and the shield of the golden ball breaks, you decide again what you want to do.

The chance of getting a golden ball is slim. In the beginning, that chance is only 1 in 28 (3.57%). With each subsequent round, that chance increases by a fraction.

Cash or Crash Odds Paytable

A paytable shows how far you are in the game. It also offers two different cash-out options. One shows what your odds are before the shield of the golden ball breaks.

The other shows it, but after the golden ball has been used. With the second, there are higher odds because you no longer have the protection of the golden ball. The risk is slightly higher, and so is the potential payout.

Level Cashout Before Golden Ball Shield Breaks Cashout After Golden Ball Shield Breaks
1 1,2x 1,2x
2 1,6x 1,7x
3 2x 2,2x
4 2,7x 3,1x
5 3,6x 4x
6 5x 5,6x
7 7,1x 8x
8 10x 10,5x
9 15x 16x
10 21,5x 24x
11 33x 36x
12 54x 62x
13 95x 105x
14 160x 175x
15 310x 360x
16 550x 760x
17 1,200x 1,500x
18 2,900x 4,000x
19 6,800x 11,000x
20 18,000x 50,000x

Cash or Crash - Continue, Take All, or Take Half

After each green (or golden) ball, you get three options at Cash or Crash: Continue, Take All, or Take Half. The first choice speaks for itself because when you make this choice, you continue as if nothing happened.

When you Take Half, things are already changing. With this option, you can continue to play, but you will cash out 50% of the potential winnings. You can continue playing with the rest of the money collected so far.

Take All is just as simple as Continue. Here you do a total cash out and wait for a new game to start. This happens when a red ball appears or when the game finish.


Suppose you are at level 8 of Cash or Crash, and your bet is $5. As with any other level, you then get three options.

These are to continue (Continue), cash in half of your winnings, and continue playing (Take Half), or take all of your winnings and quit (Take All). We look at what happens with each option. We also assume that the golden ball is still in play.


In this case, you continue without “insurance” from the money collected. This is risky because you lose everything when the host draws a red ball. But with a green ball, it pays off, and you will receive a higher payout.


When you choose the take-half option, you put half of your winnings aside, but you still get to play at the next level. In this case, we calculate how much you would have:

($5 x 10) – $5 = $45 profit. $45 x 50% = $22,50, what you take in profit. This is the amount you will have anyway, even if a red ball follows.

Take All:

It gets too hot under your feet, so you opt for a cash-out. In that case, the game is over for you, and you have ($5 x 10) – $10 = $40 profit.

Cash or Crash Strategy

A valid Cash or Crash strategy is hard to pin down. However, we will give you several tips to minimise the chance of losing or getting a red ball.

To begin with, it is always wise to start with a small amount. This allows you to get used to the game without much pressure and learn which strategy suits you.

It is also wise to determine the chance of red balls you want to continue playing or stop. At the beginning of the game, the chance is 8 in 28, or 28.57%, that you will get a red ball. You can calculate what this percentage is each time manually. With every new turn, the chances of a green, gold, or red ball appears on the side of the screen.

In addition, it is useful to go for the 'Take Half' option when in doubt. As with any other gambling game, it is essential not to get too greedy. And with Take Half, you are sure of a certain profit anyway.

Cash or Crash RTP and House Edge

According to Evolution Gaming, the house edge at Cash or Crash is between 0.41% and 5.49%. This house edge naturally means that the Cash or Crash Return to Player (RTP) is between 94.51% and 99.59%.

FAQs About Cash or Crash

What are the minimum and maximum bet with Cash or Crash?

The minimum bet during a game of Cash or Crash is $0.20. The maximum bet per round is $10,000. The max. win is $500,000.

Can you also play Crash or Crash on your mobile?

Yes, and Cash or Crash is excellent to play on your smartphone and is fully optimised for mobile gameplay and responsive, which means that the game automatically adjusts to the screen size of your device.

How does the golden ball in Cash or Crash work?

In Cash or Crash, the golden ball acts like a green ball with a 'shield'. When the host shows this ball, you play the game a little differently than usual. You can no longer choose whether to continue or opt for a (half) cash out.

You continue to reach new levels until a red ball appears. In that case, the "shield" breaks, and you continue the game as usual. You can't cash out because of the shield after a red ball.