How To Play Mega Ball

How To Play Mega Ball

How to Play Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a live game show by Evolution Gaming that mixes bingo with keno. If you haven't played Mega Ball before, you may have questions about the game. For this reason, we will tell you exactly how Mega Ball works in this guide. Apart from how to play Mega Ball, we will also discuss the gameplay and whether there are any Mega Ball strategies and answer some frequently asked questions.

Mega Ball Game Rules

Mega Ball has a few rules, just like any other online casino game. For starters, you need to buy cards to play the game. There are 24 numbers on each Mega Ball card, divided into five rows and five columns, with no number in the middle.

After you buy one or more cards, the game starts. The host will draw 20 balls from a device containing 51 balls. You cross off the pulled numbers on your card automatically.

The goal of Mega Ball is to fill as many horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines as possible on your card(s). A complete line is called a pay line at Mega Ball. If you have one or more lines completed, you win. Your winnings will be higher with more completed pay lines on your card(s).

Mega Ball Gameplay

  1. Wait for a round to start.

  2. Set the value of your Mega Ball card(s)

    The minimum price per card is $0,10, and the maximum bet per round is $100. Buy Mega Ball cards based on the amount of money you want to spend.

  3. Determine the number of cards you want to buy

    After determining the price per Mega Ball card, you purchase the number of cards you prefer. The maximum number of cards you can buy during a round of Mega Ball is 200. As a player, you have a few seconds to determine how many cards you want to buy and what value the cards should have.

  4. The host will draw the balls

    After the betting phase has ended, the host will walk to the drawing machine, shuffling fifty-one balls and drawing balls from it one by one (20 in total). The drawn balls end up in a row on the track next to the machine. Corresponding numbers on your card(s) are automatically crossed off.

  5. Counting pay lines

    When all the balls have been drawn, it's time to count your complete pay lines. The more lines on one of your cards are filled, the greater the amount you win.

  6. The multiplier roll with spin

    Before the machine draws the Mega Ball, attention briefly shifts to a screen to the left of the drawing machine with an arrow on either side. There are several multipliers on the reel. After spinning for some time, the roll stops. The arrows indicate which multiplier is applied to the Mega Ball. This multiplier can go up to 100x.

  7. The draw of the Mega Ball

    When the Mega Ball completes a pay line, the spinning multiplier is applied to your winnings. Suppose you bought a card for $0,10, and the Mega Ball with a multiplier of 10x ensures that you fill one line. In this case, you will not only get your bet back, but you will also receive $1 in winnings.

    In most cases, the host will draw only one Mega Ball, but the host may draw a second one. In that case, the host will spin the wheel with multipliers again. Only the highest multiplier is applied if you win.

  8. Payouts and the start of a new round

    All players receive their winnings, and a new betting round will start where players can purchase Mega Ball cards.

Mega Ball Payouts

The goal of Mega Ball is to get as many pay lines as possible on your card(s). The more pay lines you get on one card, the higher your winnings. The overview below indicates how much you will win per full pay line.

Amount of Pay Lines Winnings Multiplier
1 1x
2 5x
3 50x
4 250x
5 1,000x
6 10,000x

As you can see from the overview, your winnings can add up if you have multiple pay lines on one card. One card can contain up to twelve pay lines: five horizontally, five vertically, and two diagonally. Thanks to the Mega Ball, the payout for pay lines can be higher.

Mega Ball Return to Player

Mega Ball has a house edge like any other casino game. Mega Ball's Return to Player is between 95,05% and 95,40%, which means that the house edge in this online casino game is between 4,60% and 4,95%.

Mega Ball Strategies

Mega Ball is a game with a relatively high house edge. Therefore, you may be looking for a strategy to increase your chances of winning at Mega Ball. Many other casino games allow you to play according to a particular strategy, but this is unfortunately not the case with Mega Ball.

Although Mega Ball is all about luck, you can do something to increase your chances of winning. You can buy multiple cards before the start of each round. The more cards you buy, the greater the chance that drawn numbers will be on your card(s). However, a larger number of cards does not guarantee a win.

FAQs about Mega Ball

Does the game end after the Mega Ball is drawn?

In most cases, a round ends after a Mega Ball is drawn, but the host can draw a second Mega Ball. Note that only the highest multiplier Mega Ball will count and that the multipliers of both Mega Balls aren't added together.

Is there a strategy for Mega Ball?

No, there is no strategy for Mega Ball. This game is about luck; you have no control over which numbers will be on your cards.

What is the difference between Mega Ball and bingo?

In both Mega Ball and bingo, balls with numbers are drawn. Although Mega Ball and bingo have many similarities, there are also clear differences. For example, you don't play bingo live.

A second difference is the number of balls that are drawn. With Mega Ball, these are standard twenty regular balls and one or two Mega Balls. At bingo, people continue to play until one of the players has bingo. Someone can have a bingo after twenty balls, but it can also take more balls.