How to Play Monopoly Live

How to Play Monopoly Live

When we ask you to name some well-known board games, chances are you say Monopoly. The online version is quite different from the offline version. That's why we will explain the Monopoly Live game rules and answer frequently asked questions about the game in this guide.

How Does Monopoly Live Work?

Monopoly Live combines the Monopoly board game and the Money Wheel casino game. The game is only offered live and takes place in a studio. In the middle of this studio is a large wheel with a host next to it.

Of course, the well-known mascot of the game is present too. Mister Monopoly is sitting in an easy chair on the left side of the studio. He reads a newspaper or drinks a cup of coffee during most of the game. He only takes action when the Monopoly Live bonus game is activated.

The Monopoly Live Wheel

The wheel in Monopoly Live is divided into 54 squares with different numbers. The numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 are distributed over the wheel in Monopoly Live as follows:

Number Number of Times on the Wheel
1 22
2 15
5 7
10 4

Monopoly Live Special Boxes

When you add up the above numbers, you only end up with 48 squares. There are also six special squares on the wheel.

  • On three of these six squares, there are two dice with '2 Rolls'.
  • Two of the boxes have a question mark with 'Chance.'
  • The last remaining box also shows two dice, only now with the text '4 Rolls'.

Below we go through these three unique options one by one.


If the clapper stops in one of these boxes, Mister Monopoly will briefly get out of his chair to draw a card. It doesn't matter what you bet on. The chance card applies to all players.

The chance cards at Monopoly Live can have different prizes. First of all, Mister Monopoly can draw a card with a multiplier.

For example, the card might say x5. If this happens, your bet will stand, and the host will spin the wheel again. If you bet $5 on number 1 and the clapper stops on this number, you will be paid $5 instead of $1.

In addition to multipliers, you can also win cash prizes when the wheel stops on 'Chance.'

Just like the multipliers, the money amounts on the chance cards also differ from each other. However, the amount of the prize always depends on your bet. The higher the bet, the higher the money on the chance card.

2 Rolls and 4 Rolls

Three of the 54 slots on the wheel at Monopoly Live are labelled with '2 Rolls' and one with '4 Rolls'. When the clapper stops in one of these two boxes, Monopoly Live gets fun. In that case, the bonus game is activated. The game then moves from the studio to a virtual Monopoly board.

Before the bonus game starts, houses or hotels are randomly placed in a few locations. A location's multiplier increases when Mister Monopoly puts a house or hotel on it.

After completing the round on the board, the bonus game rolls start using an electronic shaker.

The image of this shaker is played on a zeppelin, which appears on-screen. The number of times the dice are thrown depends on the box in which the clapper has stopped. With '2 Rolls', there are two rolls. With '4 Rolls, ' four rolls.

Once the dice are thrown, Mister Monopoly moves on the board. With a total of eight eyes, he moves eight squares forward. The property multipliers Mr Monopoly lands on are immediately applied to your bet.

In addition to the different properties, Mister Monopoly can land on the "Chance" or "Community Chest" locations. In that case, he draws a card containing a random cash prize.

Monopoly Live Betting Options

You can bet on six options at Monopoly Live. Your chances of winning are considerably greater with one betting option than with the other. To clarify, we have listed the options in a table. You see the payout, how often they appear on the wheel and what the corresponding Return to Player (RTP) is.

Payout How Often on the Wheel? Hit Frequency RTP% House Edge
1 22 40,74% 92,88% 7,12%
2 15 27,78% 96,23% 3,77%
5 7 12,96% 91,30% 8,70%
10 4 7,41% 96,02% 3,98%
Chance 2 3,70% Cash or Multiplier N/A
2 Rolls 3 5,56% 93,90% 6,10%
4 Rolls 1 1,85% 93,67% 6,433%

FAQs About Monopoly Live

How do you activate the bonus game at Monopoly Live?

The Monopoly Live bonus game is activated as soon as the wheel clapper stops on '2 Rolls' or '4 Rolls'. Mister Monopoly then gets off his chair, gets into the elevator, and descends to the Monopoly board.

Is Monopoly Live the same as Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live are not the same. However, the games are somewhat similar. With Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher is used as the basis. In both games, the wheel has 54 squares, but the layout of the wheel differs.

For example, Dream Catcher has one box with a 2x multiplier and one with a 7x multiplier. The rest of the boxes contain numbers. Monopoly Live has more special squares.

In Monopoly Live, for example, the clapper can stop in the boxes with 'Chance, '2 Rolls,' or '4 Rolls'. The most significant difference, however, is in the bonus game, which isn't present with Dream Catcher.

What are the betting limits of Monopoly Live?

You decide how much you bet at Monopoly Live. You have to bet at least $0.10 per game at most online casinos. The maximum bet per game is usually set at $500. However, you choose how much you bet per round between these minimum and maximum bets.