Mega Roulette Strategy - Maximising Your Game with Multipliers

Mega Roulette Strategy - Maximising Your Game with Multipliers

Released in 2021 by the well-known game provider Pragmatic Play, Mega Roulette provides a unique spin on the classic casino game. It is a variant of European Roulette that is played in a live casino format and can pay up to 500x your initial wager thanks to a variety of win multipliers. The live casino format allows you to interact with the dealer and other players during game rounds. The game supports over 100 different currencies and 20 different language options for the user interface. It can be played on both desktop and mobile devices.

How is Mega Roulette different?

While it is based on the European Roulette ruleset, there are some big differences with Mega Roulette. The fact that there are win multipliers involved already mixes things up by quite a bit. The multipliers come in 50x, 150x, 200x, 200x, and 500x variants . It is important to note that these multipliers apply only to straight-up bets. That means that betting on dozens or columns, for example, won't apply the multiplier even on winning rounds. In each round, 5 different numbers are picked randomly that correspond to numbers on the roulette wheel. Each number is allocated a different win multiplier.

Straight-up bets are, therefore, more attractive in Mega Roulette, but they also come with a drawback. Instead of the usual 35 to 1 payout in standard versions of roulette, Mega Roulette instead pays out at a rate of 29 to 1. This makes straight-up bets carry a lot more risk but also the potential for absolutely huge wins. If you want to take a look at some of the big wins possible at online casinos check out our big wins gallery.

Additional Mega Roulette features

Even the Mega Roulette wheel is different from a standard roulette table. It is controlled automatically by a computer that fires the ball using compressed air. The starting position of the ball is on the last segment that it landed on, and the spin of the wheel alternates its direction after every round. There is still a host calling out the game and interacting with players, who can also communicate via live chat. So, you still get a proper live casino experience.

A few quality-of-life options are also available from the user interface. These mostly apply to betting options that allow you to customise your bets for each round. The autoplay feature allows you to pre-select your bets, wager amount, and number of spins to play. It will then automatically play out your selections for the duration of rounds you inputted. Mega bets can allow you to specify a range of betting selections, such as choosing all black segments with just a single click.

There is also the Racetrack feature; however, keep in mind that using this option will exclude you from win multipliers. This feature allows you to quickly select certain segments of the board, such as Voisins, Orphelins, and Tiers. These provide a specific coverage of the wheel through a combination of bets.

Mega Roulette payouts

Mega Roulette payouts remain largely the same as European Roulette. The addition of win multipliers being available on straight-up bets does push down the payouts of this bet type, however. Instead of paying the usual 35 to 1 in standard roulette, Mega Roulette straight-up bets instead pay 29 to 1. Here is a breakdown of all the Mega Roulette payouts:

Betting Options Payouts
Straight-up 29 to 1
Even/Odd 1 to 1
Red/Black 1 to 1
High/Low 1 to 1
Split 17 to 1
Street 11 to 1
Corner 8 to 1
Six Line 5 to 1
Column 2 to 1
Dozen 2 to 1

A 29 to 1 payout on straight-up bets combined with the win multipliers provides an RTP (return to player) of 96.5%. This is a drop from the other bet types available at the table, which have an RTP of 97.30%. So, while the win multipliers do make straight-up bets more appealing, they do have an overall lower average return rate than the other bet types available.

Popular roulette strategies

As Mega Roulette mostly follows the rules of European Roulette there are a lot of widely used roulette strategies that can be applied to it. Below are listed some of the most popular roulette strategies, with some having been around for decades if not hundreds of years. It is important to note that most of these strategies only work for even-money bets. So, while they can still be applied to Mega Roulette games, they won’t be able to coincide with any win multipliers.

To get the most out of whatever roulette strategy you choose, we recommend checking out our bet tracker and statistics page. From there, you can get lots of info that will help you keep yourself informed of your gameplay activity.

  • The Martingale system - This negative progression system asks the player to pick a baseline wager and double it after every losing round. A winning round resets your wager back down to the baseline. Negative progression strategies focus on recouping losses rather than capitalising on wins.
  • The Paroli system - In contrast to the Martingale strategy is the Paroli system. It instead focuses on winning streaks by asking you to double your wager after every winning round while resetting to your baseline bet amount after a losing round. Players have the option of setting themselves a win streak limit where they can reset to the baseline after a winning streak of 3 rounds, for example.
  • The D’Alambert system - Instead of doubling your wager after every loss, the D’Alambert system asks for an increase of 1 unit. This 1 unit should be the same as your baseline bet amount. You increase your bet by 1 unit after a loss and decrease it by one unit after a win. This is a less risky approach to the Martingale system as it doesn’t punish your bankroll as hard during losing streaks.
  • The James Bond system - This strategy has been tied to the James Bond novel Casino Royale, hence the name. It works by splitting your bet into various selections to get a wheel coverage of 67.5%. To do this, 70% of your bet goes on numbers 19 to 36. 25% goes on 3 numbers across 2 rows. This should fit within numbers 13 to 18. The remaining 5% goes on the green 0. To get the full coverage, none of your selections should overlap.
  • The Fibonacci system - This betting system requires that you have some knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence. A losing round results in jumping up the sequence by 1 number, while a winning round results in going down the sequence by 2 numbers. The sequence works by adding the previous 2 numbers in the chain to get the next number. Below is the beginning of the Fibonacci sequence starting from the 2nd number. You can see, for example, that 3 plus 5 gives the next number in the sequence, which is 8.
  • 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

Mega Roulette tips

Before putting any kind of roulette strategy into action, it is important that you first consider your bankroll. All of the strategies mentioned above require that you at least have a baseline wager amount. This should be between 1% and 5% of your overall budget, although we would recommend going no more than 3%. Sticking to this percentage will ensure that your funds won’t immediately dry up on some big money plays. This baseline is also important as it determines how you will increase or decrease your bets in the D’Alambert system or how your bet will be split in the James Bond strategy to take a couple of examples.

All games of roulette, no matter the ruleset, have a wide range of variance built into them. There is a 2.70% chance of landing on a specific number in any given round of European Roulette due to there being 37 segments. This means that there is a potential to see big losing streaks even on the even-money bets that have a much higher chance of landing at 48.65%. The lowest-risk bet type available will still statistically land on less than half of the games played.

It is important to remember that winning a round with a straight-up bet might not necessarily result in a win multiplier. Only 5 out of the 37 numbers are picked each round, which is equivalent to 13.5%. This is on top of the 2.70% chance of winning a straight-up bet in the first place.

Lastly, always make sure that you are playing at a licensed online casino. This ensures that the site is secure and fair. It also means that the site holds responsibility should anything go wrong from its end. Governing bodies like the UKGC and MGA are prominent in the online casino world, as they are well-trusted and widely used. While there are also other trusted governing bodies out there, the ones mentioned above are the most prominent. You can always have a look at their sites to confirm whether an online casino is fully licensed by them.

Is Mega Roulette Worth it?

Having to win on a straight-up bet with a likelihood of 2.70% and then hit a multiplier with a compounded chance of 13.5% might seem too low for some. It is very unlikely that it will happen to you in any given round. However, if you combine this with what is otherwise a standard game of roulette, there is a lot to say for the added thrills of winning 500x your initial bet. You could, for example, stick to even-money bets but then add a little something on a straight-up bet to add that potential of hitting a multiplier.

An RTP of 96.5%/97.30% is about on par with most online casino slot games. This means that you can expect around the same kind of returns on average and over an extended period of gameplay. If you’re looking at statistics alone and trying to be concise, you could say that Mega Roulette is about as worth it as playing a typical slot game.

Another thing to consider is how familiar you are with roulette. With new players, we would recommend sticking to a more standard format like regular European Roulette. You can play this in a virtual environment with an option to play in demo mode. This allows you to play the game in real-world conditions but without risking any of your own funds. This is great for formulating and testing out strategies, as well as becoming familiar with the flow of the game and the bet types available.

Ultimately, deciding on whether Mega Roulette is worth it comes down to personal preferences. As with any casino game, if the risk doesn’t seem worth it to you, then look for something else. However, if you are a fan of table games and win multipliers, then this might just be the game for you.

Gambling Should Be Fun

At, we are committed to promoting responsible gambling. It's crucial to understand that while we offer strategies and insights to enhance your gaming experience, there is no guaranteed method to secure a win in gambling. Strategies are designed to improve your understanding and enjoyment of gaming. They do not, in any shape or form, guarantee winnings. We strongly advise setting limits for yourself before you start playing, both in terms of time and money.

Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, and remember that gambling should always be seen as a form of entertainment, not a way to earn an income. If you ever feel like your gambling habits are becoming unmanageable, we encourage you to seek help from professional organizations like designed to support individuals facing gambling difficulties.

Playing responsibly is about making informed decisions and keeping the experience enjoyable and within safe bounds. Stay informed, play wisely, and always prioritize your well-being and financial stability.