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Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino Game Show where the house edge varies between 3.92% and 5.59%, depending on which sections players place their bets. The strategies for Crazy Time outlined below are based on optimal RTP and probabilities, where you place bets on how much risk you're willing to take versus reward.

Table of Contents: Crazy Time Strategies

  • Low Risk: The "10-5-2-1 strategy." covering83.33% of the wheel
  • High Risk: The "Bonus Hunter strategy."covering 16.66% of the wheel
  • Ultra High Risk: The "Crazy Time Strategy."covering 1.85% of the wheel
Except for the Crazy Time one, the above strategies assume you place a total bet of €10 (or currency equivalent) per game round, where each betting unit is worth €1. Use these strategies with caution. Do not interpret them as any form of guarantee in producing winning results.

Low Risk: The 10-5-2-1 Strategy (83.33% wheel coverage)

This low-risk strategy focuses on numbers only, covering 45 out of 54 sections on the wheel. Its purpose is to ensure you can play longer periods and produce frequent but small wins.
How to play the 10-5-2-1:
  • Place two units (€2 total stake) on section 10
  • Place two units (€2 total stake) on section 5
  • Place two units (€2 total stake) on section 2
  • Place four units (€4 total stake) on section 1
When you win, you'll get at least double your stake back if, but there is also the chance of losing your stake entirely. By covering the majority of the wheel, the minimum payout is €8 if landing on sections 1 and 2, and the max payout if landing on section 10 is €22.

High Risk: The Bonus Hunter Strategy (16.60% wheel coverage)

The bonus hunter strategy focuses exclusively on the bonus rounds, covering 9 out of 54 available sections on the wheel. The goal of the bonus hunter strategy is to try to cram in as many bonus round hits as you can before you bust your bankroll. The carrot here is the multipliers if you manage to score one, potentially leading to payouts as big as 20.000 times your bet.
How to play the BonusHunter:
  • Place two units (€2 total stake) on Crazy Time
  • Place two units (€2 total stake) on Coinflip
  • Place two units (€2 total stake) on Pachinko
  • Place four units (€4 total stake) on Cash Hunt
This strategy will burn through your bankroll fast, as you’ll theoretically hit a bonus round a little more than once per 10 game rounds played on average. In return, you might score big if the random top slot on the wheel attaches a multiplier to one of these sections, and the flapper stops on it.

Ultra High Risk: The Crazy Time Strategy (1.85% wheel coverage)

The Crazy Time strategy burns through your bankroll even faster than just playing one number at a time in roulette. The goal of this strategy, though, is to go big or go home. You often see this strategy on casino streamer streams. They put it in the background while enabling autoplay for a set amount of game rounds, automatically placing a bet for them on the “Crazy Time” section. The likelihood in percentages of hitting Crazy Time for each time the wheel spins is just 1.85%, as there’s only one section on the entire wheel the flapper can stop on to trigger it.
How to play the Crazy Time strategy:
  • Place whatever bet you want, on “Crazy Time”
  • Enable autoplay, and select the amount of game rounds you’d like to play
  • Confirm your bet and autoplay settings, sit back and relax
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The RTP of Crazy Time depends on what sections you place your bets on, what bonus games are triggered, and if these trigger with multipliers. Given an infinite period, though, the Crazy Time RTP is 95.41%.
The average Return To Player percentage for each Crazy Time wheel section:
Number Sections
Bonus Game Sections


Knowing the odds of Crazy Time gives you a better idea of what to expect in terms of how often you’ll hit any of the eight available sections, each time the wheel is spun
Number Sections
Bonus Game Sections

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a fun activity when enjoyed responsibly, but everyone who plays against the house will lose in the long run. The only exception to this rule is when you win due to luck. Gambling is not a form of income. There is no single strategy or system out there that can make you a winning player, as you will always be playing against the odds, which gives the casino a mathematical advantage over you. Please gamble responsibly.
We strongly discourage our readers from trying any system, especially the Martingale, Fibonacci, and other types of betting strategies. Not when playing Crazy Time or any different casino games.
The Crazy Time Live strategies on this page should be considered playstyles where the amount of risk you’re willing to take will significantly impact your player balance and how long it will last.