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Mega Wheel

If you’re looking for something different to the usual slots, bingo, and casino table games, why not check out Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play? A live dealer game that offers exciting prizes, Mega Wheel is easy for anyone to play, even if you’re a total newbie.

Keep reading to find out how to play Mega Wheel and how you can use our exclusive tools to amp up your play today.

Mega Wheel: Basic Rules and How to Play

Mega Wheel is a live dealer game that’s been created by well-known software provider Pragmatic Play. Streamed live from a dedicated studio, Mega Wheel has a lively and upbeat atmosphere with gameplay that’s guided by the host.

Compared to the set design of some other live dealer games, such as Sweet Bonanza Candyland, Mega Wheel is relatively simple. A large, oversized wheel dominates the studio, and this forms the basis of the gameplay.

The live dealer will spin the wheel after players have placed their bets and will announce the winning number and any multiplier that applies. Players can choose how much to bet per spin from the minimum of 0.01 up to the maximum of 1000.00.

The aim of the game is for players to correctly predict where the wheel will land on every spin, a principle that’s similar to roulette - albeit on a bigger, brighter wheel! But where Mega Wheel differs from roulette is that there is the potential to win a huge multiplier of up to x500, and that’s what we’re going to look at next.

Betting Options and Special Features

The wheel is split into 54 sections, divided between nine different numbers. But some numbers appear more frequently on the wheel, which makes them easier to land. The fewer times the number lands, the harder it is to predict - but the higher the prize will be.

The breakdown of the segments on the wheel and the potential prizes are as follows:

NumberNumber of Segments on the WheelPrize

The above table shows the standard prizes that can be won by correctly predicting the winning number on Mega Wheel. However, on every turn, a multiplier will also apply. This is decided via a Random Number Generator (RNG), a similar type of software to slots. This software is independently verified to be genuinely random, with the chance for any number to be chosen.

The multiplier only becomes relevant if the number it applies to is also the winning number. When this happens, any player who has correctly predicted the winning number will also win the multiplier. There is no need to bet on the multiplier separately.

There is a maximum multiplier for each number. The harder the number is to win, the higher the maximum potential multiplier. The maximum multipliers for each number are shown below:

NumberMaximum Multiplier

When choosing a betting strategy, players should consider the total potential winnings compared to the size of their stake.

Gaining an Advantage with CasinoScores Tools

Whether you’re brand new to playing Mega Wheel or you’ve played many times before, the tools available at CasinoScores can help to give you an advantage.

Just like many other casino games, there are tools which can track the statistics of the Mega Wheel. This enables you to analyse the recent results and create a strategy to increase your chances keeping your bankroll for longer.

You can filter the statistics to cover the time period you prefer. This means you can analyse results from the past hour, six hours, eight hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours. In addition to seeing the winning number, you’ll also be able to view the multipliers and whether they were paid out. All of this can be valuable information when deciding how you want to bet.

Other available tools on CasinoScores include a bet simulator, which can track the results against the predicted to show which numbers are landing more or less frequently than expected. Combining this with the live statistics creates very powerful insights into the gameplay.

A live video feed rounds off what’s on offer, allowing you to follow the Mega Wheel action with just a few clicks. Simply move the slider to “show stream”, and you’ll be able to watch the gameplay as it unfolds.

Where to Play Mega Wheel

If we’ve whetted your appetite and you’re eager to start playing Mega Wheel, the next question is where to play.

At CasinoScores, it’s easy to find an online casino; simply click on “where to play” at the top of the screen, and you’ll be taken to a list of sites where Mega Wheel is available. The available casinos may vary, but you’ll find options such as BetMGM, MrQ, and LeoVegas.

The great news is that all of these casinos integrate perfectly with the tools at CasinoScores, giving you a convenient way to take maximum advantage of everything that’s available.


Does Mega Wheel have a jackpot prize?

You can win a bonus of up to x500 if the winning number has a multiplier. A different multiplier is chosen at random on every spin, so there’s a chance to win a bonus on each turn.

Is Mega Wheel only for experienced players?

Mega Wheel is an easy game to play, even for brand-new players. Simply choose a number, place your bet, and wait to see where the wheel stops.

What’s the maximum payout without a bonus prize?

Even without a bonus payout, it’s possible to win up to x40 depending on the winning number that lands.