MONOPOLY Big Baller marries the once most popular game show, MONOPOLY Live, with the lottery success Megaball from Evolution Gaming. Play a bingo-style game with a live host and Mr. MONOPOLY himself in a live and augmented reality mix. Play for multipliers, dice spin on the MONOPOLY bonus game, and standard rows, diagonal and horizontal wins on your betting slips.

Game Specific Features

Here's a quick overview of features and other properties that are specific to MONOPOLY Big Baller by Evolution Gaming:

  • Made up of 60 multi-colored numbered balls.
  • Three different multipliers in the main game.
  • Place bets on one to four Chance / Free Space cards.
  • Play on 3 and 5 rolls cards for the popular MONOPOLY bonus round.

Odds & Payouts

  • MONOPOLY Big Baller comes with a 96.10% RTP.
  • Free Space card: Win between 2-39:1 per line.
  • Chance card: Win between 2-199:1 per line.
  • 3/5 Rolls Bonus Cards: Win 3 or 5 rolls respectively in the MONOPOLY bonus round.

You win by forming vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines; your winnings increase the more lines you manage to get.

Free Space card2-39:1 per line
Chance card2-199:1 per line
3 RollsMONOPOLY Bonus Game
5 RollsMONOPOLY Bonus Game

Play Round

Once you enter MONOPOLY Big Baller, place a bet on up to four Chance or Free Space Card, plus the three rolls and five rolls bonus slips.

Free Space and Chance Cards

  • Free Space Cards: The Centre cell is a 'free space' (or wild if you like), increasing the odds of making a line.
  • Chance Cards: Centre cell is a guaranteed multiplier, and free space might be added later.

Chance Multiplier Types

There are three possible (and STACKABLE) multipliers that Mr Monopoly might add to your slips:

Multiplier TypeMultiplier
Global2x and 3x
Line20x and 50x
Standard10x and 20x
  • Global Multiplier: Global multipliers have a value of 2x or 3x and multiply all winnings on the slip.
  • Line Multiplier: Line Multipliers have a value of 20x or 50x and multiply winnings when forming one or more winning lines.
  • Standard Multiplier: Individual numbers may be assigned a 10x or 20x value, forming one or more winning lines with these numbers to multiply the win.

The game adds multipliers once all bets are placed and confirmed, followed by the release of 60 balls, where a random draw will pick twenty of them. The numbers on your card(s) highlight whenever a drawn ball matches the number, and your goal is to fill as many lines as possible.


The MONOPOLY bonus game triggers when you fill one of your slips with the numbers assigned that has an active bet on '3 rolls' or '5 rolls'. Similar to the original MONOPOLY Live, two dice decide how many moves you'll get on the MONOPOLY board. To win two separate bonus rounds, you must match 3 and 5 rolls simultaneously.

MONOPOLY Big Baller Live Feed

We run a 24/7 MONOPOLY Big Baller live feed on this page, where you and other visitors can see the game whenever you want.