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Super Sic Bo Live

Super Sic Bo is one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular games, utilising live dice rolls and fantastic multipliers.

Super Sic Bo Live Video Feed

Before you commit your real money to Super Sic Bo Live, you must ensure it is the right game for you. CasinoScores is the best place to watch gameplay live without having to log in anywhere or make a deposit to an online casino.

Odds & Payouts

If you want to comprehensively understand the odds and payouts in a game of Super Sic Bo Live, you should consult the table below.
SmallTotal sum of 4 to 10 (excluding triples)1 to 1
BigTotal sum of 11 to 17 (excluding triples)1 to 1
OddTotal sum is an odd number1 to 1
EvenTotal sum is an even number1 to 1
Total 4 or 17Specific total sum of 4 or 1750 to 1
Total 5 or 16Specific total sum of 5 or 1630 to 1
Total 6 or 15Specific total sum of 6 or 1517 to 1
Total 7 or 14Specific total sum of 7 or 1412 to 1
Total 8 or 13Specific total sum of 8 or 138 to 1
Total 9 or 12Specific total sum of 9 or 126 to 1
Total 10 or 11Specific total sum of 10 or 116 to 1
Triple (specific)Three dice with the same number150 to 1
Any TripleAny three dice with the same number30 to 1
DoubleTwo dice with the same number8 to 1
CombinationSpecific two-dice combination (e.g., 1 and 2)5 to 1
SingleSpecific one-dice number (e.g., just a 3)1 to 1 (based on the number of occurrences)

To be able to formulate a winning strategy, it’s essential to understand the probability of each bet landing. Only by comparing this to the real-time results is it possible to gauge how the game is playing, and whether there are any trends or hot numbers.

The probability reflected in the odds only provides insight into the mathematical likelihood of each result, so it’s invaluable to get the stats on the real-life gameplay. This can change from one session to the next, but the live trackers provide the latest results and can display the historical values over your selected timeframe.

Being able to view the full set of data across every possible outcome ensures that you’re equipped with accurate information before placing your bet.

The payout is one factor in deciding how to bet, but understanding the RTP completes the picture. Due to the wide choice of bets that can be placed, the house edge is extremely variable. The table below provides a look at the RTP for each bet:

Total 4 or 1770.83%
Total 5 or 1658.33%
Total 6 or 1574.07%
Total 7 or 1490.28%
Total 8 or 1387.50%
Total 9 or 1281.02%
Total 10 or 1187.50%
Triple (specific)69.91%
Any Triple86.11%

Play round

Before you can jump into a round of Super Sic Bo Live, you need to understand how the game works. Follow the step-by-step guide below to see how a round of the game works.

  • The dealer has three six-sided dice in a glass dome. Players place their bets on specific outcomes. This is in terms of the total number of the dice and if they are a single, double, or triple.
  • Once the betting time has ended, a plate below the dice vibrates, and the dice roll randomly.
  • The dice come to a rest, and the outcome is discovered.
  • The players who win are paid, and the next round starts.

The beauty of Super Sic Bo is that you can choose how you want to bet, adjusting your strategy to match your personal attitude to risk.

Some bets are easier to land, with a higher probability of a win, but typically have lower odds. Conversely, bets which are harder to win will have a higher payout. Which end of the betting spectrum you prefer is up to you - there’s no right or wrong answer!

Super Sic Bo has the added advantage of having multipliers added to the payouts. On every turn, up to seven multipliers can be added. If your bet is covered by a multiplier, any win will be boosted. Multipliers are added randomly, but make it possible to win a payout of up to x999.

You can place multiple bets on each turn in Super Sic Bo, which can be useful if you want to offset a low risk bet against a high risk bet. Use the live statistics on CasinoScores to help you identify the best bets to place.


What are the odds of winning on Super Sic Bo?

Each of the different bets offers different odds, which is one of the advantages of playing Super Sic Bo. You can tailor your gameplay to match your attitude to risk and find the bets which offer the odds that you want.

How can I win the biggest payout on Super Sic Bo?

Some bets offer the chance of a higher payout, but being chosen randomly for the multiplier is the best way of boosting your winnings. Follow our Multiplier widget to find out how often the multiplier is being awarded, and the total payout.

How can the CasinoScores tools help me?

The CasinoScores tools provide valuable insight into the previous results in Super Sic Bo. This allows you to identify any trends or hot numbers which can be essential in helping to create a strategy for play.

What’s the maximum prize available on Super Sic Bo?

It’s possible to win up to 999:1 when playing Super Sic Bo.

Why should I play Super Sic Bo?

As well as being a fast-paced and fun, traditional casino game, Super Sic Bo offers the chance of a big payday. With up to seven multipliers being awarded on every turn, there’s always the possibility that you can collect an exciting win.