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Sweet Bonanza Candyland Live Stats and Video

Sweet Bonanza Candyland offers a visually rich, candy-themed adventure, combining the thrill of real-time gaming with the convenience of online play. Our live video feed brings the game's action directly to you, allowing you to watch, learn, and check out the game before you make a deposit at one of our partner casinos.

Game Overview

If the name of this game sounds a little familiar, that’s because it’s based on Pragmatic’s popular slot, Sweet Bonanza. The software provider has taken the general candyland theme and created a new, live gameshow, giving players a fusion of the old and the new. As a live dealer game, you’ll be betting in real time with the option to either play or sit out every round. All of the action takes place on a giant wheel split into sections; your goal is to correctly guess where the wheel will stop after each spin.

All of the main action is based on the single, giant wheel which is spun for each turn, with the live host overseeing the play. However, there are also two potential bonus rounds where there’s the potential to win even more - but you must have placed a bet on the right sections to play! The top payout for Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a delectable x20,000, with maximum winnings capped at £500,000.

Basic Rules

The dealer is responsible for spinning the large prize wheel, moving from one side to the other on each turn. This has the effect of spinning the wheel in the opposite direction every time. Before the wheel starts to spin, players have around 13 seconds to place their bets. The goal is to correctly predict where the flapper will be pointing when the wheel stops. Compared to other wheel-based games, the wheel is spun quite gently, which allows play to move at quite a fast pace. If you correctly guess where the flapper lands, you’ll win the corresponding prize. If the flapper points to a bonus game, you’ll only be included in the bonus play if you have placed a bet on this option. You can choose how much you want to bet, with stakes from 0.20 to 3000.00, giving plenty of scope for all budgets.  Not every bet delivers the same payout, and that’s what we’re going to look at in the next section.

Gameplay Mechanics

The wheel is split into 54 sections, and 45 of these are numbered. However, just to make life even more interesting, these 45 sections aren’t divided between the numbers equally.


Section TypeDescriptionNumber of SectionsPayout
Number 1Easiest to land due to most sections.231/1
Number 2Moderately easy to land.152/1
Number 5Hardest to land with the fewest sections.75/1

Special Features

You find a total of 9 special symbols on the main wheel.

FeatureDescriptionNumber of SectionsProbability and Payout
Sugar BombAdds a random multiplier from x2 to x10 to all numbers. A boost can double the multiplier.3Multiplier x2 to x10 (x20 with Boost)
Bubble SurprisePlayed on a vertical reel with different prizes including the Candy Drop and Sweet Spins symbols.3x5, x10, x25, or triggers a bonus
Candy DropChoose a candy and follow its journey through a maze, collecting multipliers up to a maximum of x1000.2Up to x1000
Sweet SpinsInvolves a 6x5 slot reel with the potential for the greatest payouts, especially with tumbling reels.1Highest potential, varies with spins/symbols

Sugar Bomb

The Sugar Bomb feature adds a random multiplier from x2 to x10 to all of the numbers on the wheel. The host spins the wheel again, and the multiplier is applied to the number that lands. An additional Sugar Bomb Boost can be pre-purchased, which doubles the available multiplier. Aside from the Boost, you don’t need to bet specifically on Sugar Bomb. It’s the only bonus feature that will automatically apply to all numbers, regardless of whether you bet on it or not.

Bubble Surprise

Bubble Surprise is played on a single, vertical reel which holds five different positions. The slot spins, and you’ll receive the prize that it lands on. The options are:

  • Blue candy - x5
  • Purple candy - x10
  • Red candy - x25
  • Candy Drop Symbol - triggers the Candy Drop Bonus
  • Sweet Spins Symbol - triggers the Sweet Spins Bonus

Candy Drop

Choose one of three coloured candies and follow its journey through a four-row maze, collecting multipliers as it progresses. The total multipliers that the candy collects will be your total prize when it reaches the bottom of the maze. A maximum of x1000 is available.

Sweet Spins

The action shifts to a 6x5 slot reel, where you’ll have ten initial spins. You’ll receive extra spins if three or more lollipops appear on the reels at once. Using a tumbling reels mechanism, multipliers attach to the payout if eight or more symbols tumble at once.

Sweet Spins is the bonus feature with the potential for the greatest payouts.

Tips for Beginners

You could, in theory, cover all eventualities on every spin, but you’ll very quickly run your bankroll down as it’s not a strategy that’s likely to deliver a profit. One good betting option is to bet on all three of the bonus features but without the Boost for the Sugar Bomb bonus. In addition, bet on the number one. This combined coverage ensures that you will be playing if one of the bonus features lands, as well as offering a high probability of a payout with the coverage from the number 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RTP of Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

The RTP is 96.95%.

Is Sweet Bonanza Candyland suitable for beginners?

Yes! The simple structure of the game means that Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a great place for beginners to start. You can play this live-action game even if you have never played at a casino before.

What do you need to start playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

To get started, all you need is an account at one of the casinos mentioned here. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to start playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland right away.

Is there any way to get a strategic advantage while playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

By using the real-time stats and the bet simulator, you’ll have the very latest information about Sweet Bonanza Candyland to help you in your decision making.