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Treasure Island Stats and Live Video

How to Play

If you’ve ever played live game shows before, you’ll know that they’re usually pretty easy to pick up - and Treasure Island is no exception. With a huge prize wheel on screen and a live dealer to guide you through the gameplay, you’ll be playing like a pro within a few spins.

The action starts like many of the other prize wheel game shows, with players placing their bets on the chosen segments. The Treasure Island wheel has 54 segments, which are divided between three types of gem and six bonus features. Bet on as few or as many of the segments as you want; there is an option to “Bet All” if you want to cover every position.

After the bets are placed, the multipliers for the gem segments will be chosen randomly, subject to the minimum and maximum limits set out in the table further below.

Once the wheel spins, you’ll receive a payout if your bet matches the result, including the multiplier for the gemstones.

If you bet on one of the bonus rounds, this will be played next to determine your prize.

Key Features and Highlights

To take part in any of the bonus rounds you need to bet on one and for it to land on the wheel. Each bonus is different and offers different ways to win:

  • Wild Collector - a random number of gems will be lit up, and this bonus awards the total for all illuminated gems
  • Great Scavenger - another instant win game, this bonus awards the gems that are lit up on the mini reels
  • Ben’s Lost Marbles - a Pachinko style of bonus game, a dice is first rolled to determine how many balls are released (5 to 55), which are then dropped into the pinball matrix. The balls that drop into multiplier pockets will be counted up and awarded as a prize
  • John Silver’s Loot - an automatic bingo game, players will receive the value of up to 10 balls, each of which will have a multiplier allocated
  • Billy Bones’ Map - choose five squares on an 8x8 grid map to locate the five hidden keys and either keep the value of the gems or open the treasure chest for bigger prizes
  • Captain Flint’s Treasure - move through six different levels, collecting prizes as you go, but be sure to avoid the skulls, as they’ll end your bonus play!

With such a fantastic collection of bonus features, the gameplay is unlike any other live dealer game. Immersive and irresistible, it will make a pirate out of anyone!

Statistics and Live Video

Real time live statistics for Pragmatic Play’s Treasure Island. Get a feel of the game by watching our live video, or If you’re trying to work out a strategy for gameplay, you’ll need the stats on each section. Knowing the probability of a win and the potential payout will help you create a balanced betting approach that won’t bust your budget within a few spins.

Topaz (yellow)2196.52%X1 to X10
Emerald (green)1496.50%X1 to X40
Ruby (red)896.50%X3 to X100
Bonus - Wild Collector396.56%X2 to X900
Bonus - Great Scavenger496.56%X3 to X450
Bonus - John Silver’s Loot296.54%X2 to X10,000
Bonus - Ben’s Lost Marbles396.39% - 96.54%X2 to X10,000
Bonus - Billy Bones’ Map296.55%X5 to X15,450
Bonus - Captain Flint’s Treasure296.52%X10 to X15,000