Sweet Bonanza Candyland: Strategies for Every Player

Sweet Bonanza Candyland: Strategies for Every Player

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a new live casino game developed by Pragmatic Play. It follows the game show format, which Evolution Gaming popularised with its smash hits Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. Live casino game shows feature unparalleled interactivity, various game mechanics, and bonus rounds. This new style of live casino game has already proven incredibly popular, so naturally, more game providers are starting to bring out their own versions.

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How to Play:

If you have played Crazy Time, then you are already familiar with the Wheel of Fortune format present in Sweet Bonanza Candyland. The game is played on a large wheel with several different sections the pointer can land on. A presenter is spinning the wheel in real-time, while players can make bets on which segment the wheel will land on. These segments come in 3 different types of payout multipliers, as well as 4 different bonus rounds. The bet is lost if the wheel doesn’t land on a segment that has been bet on by the player. Head over to our How-to-play guide for a more comprehensive breakdown.

Betting Strategy Comparison Table

The RTP of Sweet Bonanza Candyland varies between 91.59% and 96.83%, depending on whether the Sugar Bomb Booster has been applied. There are 54 segments on the wheel. Here is a breakdown of each possibility and payout:

Symbol Number of Segments Payouts Wheel Coverage
1 23 1:1 42.59%
2 15 2:1 27.77%
5 7 5:1 12.96%
Bubble Surprise 3 5:1, 10:1, or 25:1 5.55%
Sugar Bomb 3 2:1 up to 10:1 5.55%
Candy Drop 2 Up to 1000:1 3.7%
Sweet Spins 1 N/A 1.85%

When looking at the table above, it is clear that betting on the 1 symbol is the safest option. The Candy Drop bonus round has the highest win multiplier but is also only present in 2 out of the 54 segments. A safer option would be to include a few of the regular symbols into the bet when wagering on the bonus rounds to maximise the potential for at least some return. Betting on the 5 symbol is a risky play, as it doesn’t provide enough coverage to justify the 5:1 payouts.

Creating a betting strategy for Sweet Bonanza Candyland involves understanding the risk levels and probabilities associated with each segment of the wheel. Let's break down strategies into Low, Medium, and High Risk categories, considering the payout ratios, wheel coverage, and the number of segments for each symbol.

Low Risk Strategy

Focus on betting on symbols with the highest number of segments, like '1' and '2', as they appear more frequently.


  • Higher probability of winning smaller amounts frequently.
  • Low variance in results.


  • Lower payouts.
  • Limited potential for big wins.

Wheel Coverage:

  • Betting on '1' covers 42.59% of the wheel.
  • Betting on '2' covers an additional 27.77%.
  • Total coverage: 70.36%.

Medium Risk Strategy

Mix bets on symbols '1', '2', and '5' together with a couple bonus rounds. This balances between frequent small wins and occasional moderate to big wins.


  • Decent frequency of wins.
  • Potential for moderate payouts.


  • Higher risk than the low-risk strategy.
  • Tougher on the bankroll

Wheel Coverage:

  • '1' and '2' cover 70.36%.
  • Adding '5' increases coverage by 12.96%.
  • Adding Bubble Surprise or Sugar Bomb increases by 5.5% respectively.
  • Total coverage: 88.82%-93.82%.

High Risk Strategy

Focus on the special features like Bubble Surprise, Sugar Bomb, Candy Drop, and Sweet Spins. These segments have lower probabilities but offer higher payouts.


  • Potential for high payouts.
  • Exciting and engaging due to the rarity and unpredictability of wins.


  • High risk with a lower chance of winning.
  • Can lead to quicker depletion of funds.

Wheel Coverage:

  • Bubble Surprise, Sugar Bomb, Candy Drop, and Sweet Spins together cover 16.65% of the wheel.

Utilising Statistics and Bonuses:

The best way to get ahead in any online casino game is by understanding the game mechanics and statistics at play. It is therefore recommended you check out our Sweet Bonanza Candyland statistics page. There, you can find a wealth of information to help form the best betting strategies and get other useful insights into this thrilling game.

Our Online casino bonuses page lets you get the most out of your gameplay. Increase your bankroll with special promotions, allowing you to get more action for your money.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland FAQs

Where to play Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

Pragmatic Play is a widely available casino games provider, with its games available at numerous online casinos. Pragmatic Play games are available to play in MGA and UKGC jurisdictions, as well as many other European and Latin American countries.

What are the bonuses for Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

The best way to win big is by getting into the bonus rounds, as these can add some serious multipliers. Players must place a wager on the bonus rounds to be able to participate, except for the Sugar Bomb bonus. These bonus rounds operate using random number generators, and outcomes are therefore determined by a computer. There are 4 bonus rounds: Candy Drop, Sweet Spins, Bubble Surprise, and Sugar Bomb.

Does Sweet Bonanza pay real money?

Like other live casino games, Sweet Bonanza Candyland is played with real money. This means that any winnings will naturally result in real money that can be withdrawn from the casino. There is no demo mode available, so the game can only be played with real money.

What is the best Sweet Bonanza strategy?

The best strategy for playing any live casino game is subjective. It comes down to personal preference as well as budget. Higher risk strategies are more advisable with higher budgets that can cover the additional risk. Even with a higher budget, however, the risk may still not be worth it to some players who may prefer lower-risk strategies that can extend the number of rounds played. Utilising bonuses and promotions can help to extend gameplay and prolong the ability to employ certain strategies.


The game show format is a relatively new innovation for live casino games. It is great to see more game providers delving into this fresh and exciting type of game, providing different and unique mechanics for players to enjoy. Developing an effective strategy for these new types of games is on a lot of player’s minds at the moment, so it makes sense to keep yourself informed on what is possible. Take out some of the risk of trying out these strategies by making the most of the bonuses available. Remember to check out our Online casino bonuses page to get the most out of your gameplay.